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Yuli Town Mayor Mr. Tsai is indicted for corruption and malfeasance

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  • Last updated:2022-07-12
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Prosecutor Ang-Hsuan Chiang leads the investigation with the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau Hualien Field Office(MJIB HFO) and the Agency Against Corruption Northern Investigation Office (AAC NIO). After a thorough examination of evidence, combined with witness statements, the investigation team uncovers the persistent scheme of Yuli Town Mayor Mr. Tsai, who sought and took bribes from bidders and contract suppliers for years, such behavior is strictly prohibited by the Anti-Corruption Act. Prosecutor Chiang presses charges against Mr. Tsai and 16 other defendants for corruption, malfeasance, and forgery.

Mr. and Mrs. Tsai established Hong Yi Construction Co., due to the poor financial condition of the company and Mr. Tsai, he took advantage of his position as a mayor and worked with his bagmen Mr. Lee, Mr. Lin and Mr. Lin to gain millions of illegal profits.

The main facts of Mr. Tsai’s offenses involve three parts:
First part, receiving improper benefits from the bidder, including (1) Dayu Softball Field tender, (2) Improvement project of the Pu Shi Art Museum and the swimming pool tender, (3) Tender for pavement construction, (4) Retaining wall project tender, (5)The Yusuizhen Park tender. The second part is the encroachment on the subsidy of Dongfeng Village representative, and the third part is accepting bribes from minor construction bidders.

Oftentimes, Mr. Tsai would inform the bidders or contract suppliers through the bagmen, that the tender and following inspections will be smoothly processed if the bidder could provide interest-free loans to him. And bidders had to lend millions of dollars (NTD) to Mr. Tsai or Hong Yi Construction Co. involuntarily. If bidders hesitated, the construction project would be delayed for no reason, hence the bidders are coerced into the scheme to win the bidding and fulfill the contract as soon as possible.

Prosecutor found Mr. and Mrs. Tsai both violated Article 4 Paragraph 1(1)(5), Article 5 Paragraph 1(3), and Article 6 Paragraph 1(4) of the Anti-Corruption Act.

The defendant Mr. Tsai served as the mayor of Yuli Town. As a representative, he bears voter's entrustment to the municipality, by misusing his position to take bribes breached the ethics rules, and seriously harms the expectations of integrity, impartiality, and transparency of an elected mayor. As a result, we recommend the Court impose 15 years of incarceration.

This prosecution showcases our relentless pursuit for justice and we vow to fight corruption and crimes, bringing peace to the citizen and protecting the integrity of public servants.

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