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Unveiling Ceremony for the Establishment of the Inspection of Bribery and Violence Elections Task Force of the Hualien District Prosecutors Office

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  • Last updated:2022-05-31
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In response to the upcoming Nine-in-One elections in 2022, Hualien District Prosecutors Offices established the Bribery and Violence Elections Task Force Unit. Chief Prosecutor Tsai, joined by Hualien Police Commissioner Tai, Director of Hualien Investigation Bureau Unit Chen, Director of Investigation Bureau Eastern Mobile Team Xue, and Director of Department of Government Ethics, Hualien County Government Yeh, hosted the unveiling ceremony, as well as demonstrated initiation of joint investigative mechanism of bribery and violence election on May 25th .

Nine-in-one elections will be held on Saturday, 26 November 2022, to elect all municipality mayors, county magistrates, city mayors, municipal, county, and city councilmen, township mayors, chiefs of village, and aboriginal district chiefs in Taiwan. Prosecutors, complying with guidelines issued by MOJ, will spare no efforts to purify the election and develop the prosecutorial function to provide our citizens with a clean and fair election environment, aiming to combat “bribery and violence”, “false information ” and “offshore fund”.

Candidates, irrespective of party affiliation, race or class, suspected of buying votes for election will be put under strict scrutiny by prosecutors. Hualien Prosecutors Office will work together with government agencies, aboriginal tribes, and religious groups, to propagate the envision of Anti-bribery on election. The office also set up several channels for reporting on bribery offenses. The identify of whistleblower will be kept not-exposed, and he/she will get reward for reporting. Prosesutors will conduct secret investigation and collect evidence, in line with procedural justice theory, immediately and carefully.

Everyone is responsible for reporting bribery on election. Anyone can call 03-8230159 or mail to hlcn@mail.moj.gov.tw to make a complaint. The office looks forward to working with every citizen to make

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