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Collaborative Investigation by Hualien Prosecutor's Office and Agency Against Corruption Results in Approval of Detention for Two Defendants in Xiu Lin Township Mayor Wang's Corruption Case

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  • Last updated:2023-05-19
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Hualien District Prosecutor's Office, in collaboration with the Agency Against Corruption, conducted a joint investigation into the corruption case involving Mayor Wang of Xiu Lin Township. On the morning of yesterday (11th), they executed search warrants issued by the court and conducted searches at five locations, including the residences of the accused, surnamed Bao, who is the responsible person for several public procurement projects in Xiu Lin Township. Additionally, Wang, Bao, and a total of nine individuals, including witnesses, were notified to appear for questioning. Following the interrogation by the prosecutor, it was determined that Wang, the accused, had allegedly violated Article 5, Paragraph 1, Subparagraph 3 of the Anti-Corruption Act. Bao, the other accused, was found to have allegedly violated Article 11, Paragraph 2 of the Anti-Corruption Act by bribing a public servant. Due to the severity of the suspected crimes and concerns of collusion among the defendants and witnesses, the prosecutor's office successfully applied for and obtained court approval for the detention and restriction of access for both defendants.

 In this case, Wang, the accused, is suspected of accepting bribes and unlawful benefits from Bao, the responsible person for winning bidders in multiple public procurement projects of Xiu Lin Township, during his re-election campaign in 2022. Bao allegedly provided Wang with the necessary services, equipment, and materials for his campaign, resulting in Wang receiving illicit gains amounting to over a million dollars. This conduct is in violation of the Anti-Corruption Act regarding the offense of accepting bribes. After conducting a thorough investigation for several days, which included gathering evidence of the alleged wrongdoing, the prosecutor's office carried out the searches and notifications of the nine individuals for questioning on the morning of May 11th, ultimately seizing relevant evidence in the process.

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