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Q: B is working in the city, but the work is hard with low payment and has extravagant lifestyle, so he goes back to hometown and open a KTV, however, the business is not doing well. Then, he lures young girl and hires them to drink and sing with customer. Providing striptease and let consumer to touch those girls’ body or force them to sleep with them. Ask what offenses does B have?

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  • Last updated:2019-12-24
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A: B’s offenses are following below:

  • Running KTV and hiring young ladies sing with customers, therefore, it is already over the allowance of business items. He violates Business Registration Act.
  • Providing striptease is groping.
  • Letting customers touch girls body is exhibition publicly commits an obscene act.
  • B forces girls to sleep with men violates luring.
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