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Services and Policies

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Services and Policies
The Office of the District Attorney is faithfully committed to uphold and protect the people’s rights. We constantly aim to improve the quality of our services. We believe that the people come first, that the people’s convenience is our job, and that the people’s best interest is our responsibility.

What We Are Doing for You
In addition to the investigation and prosecution of crime, this Office also handles the following:
1.  Investigation of criminal offense, including crimes against society, life, and  property.
2.  Execution of court-convicted criminal cases.
3.  Administration of prosecution and oversight of lawyer administration.
4.  Resolution of legal affairs such as national indemnity and local-level disputes.
5.  Oversight and execution of anticorruption measures.
6.  Judicial protection, including adult probation, after-care, promotion of legal  education, and prevention of crime.
7.  Protection of victims of major crime, including review of indemnity pleas.

Our Services to the People
Since this Office handles such varied issues as crime prosecution, after-care, legal affairs, anticorruption, and investigation, we obviously are quite unlike the usual administrative agency. We are involved in constructing the legal system, promoting judicial reform, eliminating organized crime and drug abuse, maintaining law and order, enforcing anticorruption, establishing clean and able government, strengthening judicial protection, and preventing crime. The bulk of what we do would appear to be beyond the general knowledge of the people. However, following are some descriptions of what this Office does in service to the people.

Our Pledge
We strive to provide service to the people on the following principles.

Careful Management
Every case of service, whether large or small, deserves equal attention and care. We put ourselves in the client’s position and do our best to solve the client’s problems.
Professional Conduct
We make sure that our staff familiarizes themselves with all relevant institutions and regulations, so that whatever question the client raises will be answered promptly, accurately, and satisfactorily.

Two-way Communication
We handle service with an open mind and an earnest heart. In accordance with legal requirements, we sincerely do our utmost to assist the client in all legitimate demands or to explain patiently to the client why we cannot assist in illegitimate demands.

We put ourselves in the client’s shoes, patiently answer the client’s questions, listen to the client’s complaints and grievances, and take pains to explain to the client whenever the client misreads the law.

New Approaches of Our Service
Through poll results, we pick out items that people care about. We also solicit comments in a variety of ways to improve our administration, to encourage our staff to be innovative, and to select and implement new methods and procedures.

We have set up a “System Reform Task Force” to select service-related items for reform and study, and to simplify workflow congestion.

We select priority items of service, draw up execution plans, and ensure that our staff implements those plans.

We welcome claims and petitions by mail, email, and phone.

We carefully monitor public opinion, institute innovative measures for service, and improve the quality of our service.

We have set up a mailbox for administrative reform that is open to suggestions from all individuals.

To improve the quality of service, we have redoubled on-the-job training on professional expertise and service attitude.

We conduct spot-checks and regular evaluations of our staff to maintain a firm grasp on the quality of our service.

We fully implement the ideas and concepts set forth in the Ministry of Justice’s “Project to Enhance the Credibility and Friendly Image of Prosecutors and Investigation Bureaus.”

We utilize private resources, maintain full-scale quality control, and cultivate an esprit de corps to build an image of friendliness, convenience, and intimacy.

Our Direct Services to the People
We make sure that petitions and claims are handled promptly and properly.

Immediate Service of Petitions
To ensure quality service, all petitions brought to this Office during office hours will be handled by our service counter. The cases will be dealt with immediately whenever possible.

If a case cannot be dealt with on the spot, we will explain in detail to the client why it is so and transfer the case to other units for proper and prompt handling. If appropriate, we will refer the client to other institutions of legal service for assistance.

Petition by Phone
If it is a simple case made over the phone, our staff will provide full and prompt answers immediately. If the case is too complicated to be resolved over the phone, we will suggest that the client submit a written petition, which we will handle in a timely manner.

Written Replies
We handle written petitions strictly in accordance with “Key Points in Handling People’s Petitions to Administrative Agencies.” Although insufficiently staffed, we see to it that all petitions are properly replied to within 10 days.

Deadlines for Claims
Once a claim is received, it will be promptly processed. A reply will be mailed to the claimant within five days. If for some reason the processing will take longer, a note of explanation will be mailed to the claimant.
Producing Brochures
We have produced brochures on the procedures of making claims. These brochures are offered at our service centers for free.

Facilitating Service at our Service Centers
At our service centers, we make it a point to choose staff members who are well versed in legal expertise and infused with enthusiasm. Such a staff can best answer various questions and promptly handle claims.

Resources for Convenience
The following resources are available:
1.  Flowcharts for various kinds of claims.
2.  Samples of claim forms and free blank forms.
3.  Desks, chairs and stationery for filling out the forms.
4.  Copying machines for copying service.
5.  Public phones, newspapers, and magazines.

Legal Information
Legal information is available through the following means:
1.  Legal books and magazines at our service centers or antechambers.
2.  Close-circuit TV films on legal matters.

Solicitation of Suggestions
We encourage suggestions and collect suggestions in the following ways:
1.  Advice boxes
2.  Questionnaires
3.  Polls
4.  Letter boxes

Cautious Investigation & Limited Detention
To ensure human rights and to avoid abuse of prolonged or unnecessary detention, the prosecutor will not ask the court to detain the defendant after interrogation unless there is a need for detention under Criminal Procedure Title 76. As soon as the cause of detention is eliminated, the prosecutor will ask the court to withdraw detention.

Prompt and Thorough Investigation of Major Crimes
Major criminal cases that threaten law and order will be handed by special task forces for prompt and thorough investigation. In major cases, social stability is the priority.

Recording and Videotaping the Investigation Process
To ensure the completeness and authenticity of a litigant’s statements and to avoid controversy over written records later on, the court clerk is required to tape-record the whole process as well as to make precise written records. There is a monitor light in the investigation court that indicates when recording is going on. The litigant must be reminded that he or she can refuse to answer whenever the light is off.  If it is a major case that endangers social stability, the investigation process may be videotaped to ensure credibility.

Prompt Postmortem
When the prosecutor on duty receives notification from police for a postmortem, he or she will promptly go to the site with a coroner and a clerk to conduct the procedure. If the postmortem indicates homicide, the case is assigned for investigation. If it is judged death by natural cause, a death certificate is issued immediately. Where the cause of death is unclear, a date is set on for an autopsy to look into the actual cause of death.

Contact Information
If you have any suggestions or advice on our services, please let us know. Your contribution is the most valuable feedback to guide us in our reform and improvement.

This Office of the District Attorney has a number of hotlines for service, petition, and informing. Please make use of them.

Address:  The Office of the District Attorney
   15 Fuchien Road, Hualian City

Petition hotline: 03-822-6153 Ext.230
Anticorruption hotline: 03-823-0160
Child prostitute rescue hotline: 03-823-0159
Victims of major crimes information line: 03-822-6153

Email Address for Information:   hlcd@mail.moj.gov.tw
Email Address for Service:  hlcmail@mail.moj.gov.tw

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