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System of the Organization

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  • Last updated:2022-06-24
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Our organization chart

Under the jurisdiction of Taiwan’s High Prosecutor’s Office, our Office mainly takes in charge of investigating and solving crimes, executing criminal judgment as its major business, in order to secure people’s lives and freedom and the security of family and property.
Our Office has one  chief procurator , Three head prosecutors, two forensic medical examiner (forensic medical examiner). It also set up Clark Department, Probation Officer Office, Personnel Office, Civil Service Ethics Office, Accounting Office, and Statistics Office (Information), etc. The Clerical Department sets up Records Section (Information Management), Enforcement Section, Documentation Section, General Affairs Section and Research and Evaluation Section (Service Office) and Bailiff Office. According to the law, our Office’s procurator general supervises the administrative affairs of Hualien Detention Center and Taiwan Hualien Juvenile Detention House.

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