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1.Office of the President Republic of China

2.Justice Solemnity Professionalism

3.The Legislative Yuan Requblic of China

4.The Examination Yuan of R.O.C.

5.Ministry of the Interior

6.Ministry of Foreign Affairs ,Requblic of China

7.Ministry of Finance

8.Ministry of Education

9.Ministry of Economic Affairs,R.O.C. 

10.Overseas Community Affairs Council,R.O.C

11.Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics,Executive Yuan,R.O.C

12.Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan

13.Government Information Office

14.Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan,R.O.C

15.National Palace Museum

16.Mainland Affairs Council

17.Ministry of  Science and Technology 

18.Council of Agriculture,Executive Yuan,R.O.C.

19.The Central Bank of the Republic of China

20.Consumer Protection Committee,Executive Yuan 

21.Aviation Safety Council

22.Ministry of Interior National Immigration Agency Republic of China(Taiwan)


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